How to Explore Your Bi Curious?

bi curious, bisexual websites, bi curious women, bi curious femalePeople are always longing for a better life, a better partner, but a lot of female friends are afraid to explore our deepest desires and the most embarrassing topic about a better sex life and orgasm. Explore your bi-curiosity as a bi-curious female without gender and sexual orientation.

No practical experiences.

Bi-curious women have had bi-curious thought but don't have same sex sexual experience. In fact, everyone is between the homosexual and heterosexual, means that we have a tendency to be gay or straight, this is the famous Kinsey's model.

Don’t be afraid of label.

Some bi-curious females are worried about being judged and tagged by others, even doubts "should I come out?” First, bi-curious is not a sexual orientation. Secondly, homosexual behavior can't define your sexual orientation, if you kiss a woman, it won't make you lesbian or bisexual. So, women should be aware of what they need to know, how to identify them and explore their bi-curious.

Prepare for bi-curious dating.

When you get ready to hook up with a woman, proper imagination can help you succeed in bi-curious women dating. What kind of quality and appearance of a woman is attractive to you? What do you want to do with your bi-curiosity? Such as kissing, caressing, love talking or more. Exploring you bi-curious with other like-minded women is the best way, or with a lesbian. Try to sexual fantasy woman and get into your comfort zone and feel your mind and body. When you want to achieve it, you can try to flirt with a woman in a bar or create your account on the online bi-curious dating sites.

Choose your right partner.

Your female friends are easy to be your partner, because you may have some unexpected things when you are drunk, especially during the university period. In addition, you and your female friends can make things better to avoid embarrassment, because you have a certain degree of mutual comfort with the emotional bases. But the danger is that you may lose your friend forever, so try to explore your sexuality with other women. At first you will feel embarrassed when you hook up with a strange woman, and will spend much of your time to establish contact. If you can't right person at a party, you can try to find the right partner in the LGBT community, or try our bi-curious dating sites.